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Management Agent

Our Strength is reliable, knowledge & solution provider which makes us to deliver the best and fastest service in the market. FMS operates as General Sales & Services Agent (GSSA), Cargo Sales Agent (CSA) and offers a full range of services and provides the total cargo management solutions to the partners.Easy consolidation solutions with a high degree of Reliability and safe delivery of goods is our given, Besides which our Air Freight services. SafeAir is our specialized air service that complements the surface logistics in offering optimal multimodal solutions and faster deliveries.

◉ New Potential Market

◉ Yield Management

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New Potential Market

There are many documents involved in international trade, such as commercial documents, financial documents, transport documents, insurance documents and other international trade related documents. In processing the export consignment, documentation may be executed in up to four contracts: the export sales contract, the contract of carriage, the contract of finance and the contract of cargo insurance. It is therefore important to understand the role of each document and its requirements in international trade.

Yield Management

All Yield Management personnel know that taking The relationship between a Yield Management client and his or her advisor is the foundation of private-investor wealth creation. decision-making and the benchmark for measuring success. Our long term clientele know that wherever they are in the world, the lines of communication with their YM Advisors are always open. Our back office and administrative support team are organized and attentive. that wherever they are in the world.

Block Space With The Carriers

The combination of space-time block coding (STBC) and direct-sequence code-division multiple access (DS-CDMA) has the potential to increase the performance of multiple users in a cellular network. However, if not carefully designed, the resulting transmission scheme suffers from increased multiuser interference (MUI), which dramatically deteriorates the performance. To tackle this MUI problem in the downlink, we combine two specific DS-CDMA and STBC techniques, namely single-carrier block transmission (SCBT) DS-CDMA and time-reversal STBC.

Capacity Management

Capacity Management is the process of understanding,perishable resource. It is offering the right product to the right customer at the right time at the right price. Optimized Capacity Management is the means of increasing revenue from the same or less capacity. We are selling Revenue Management and Optimized Capacity Management solutions on products having Fixed Capacity,We are selling Revenue Management and Optimized Capacity Management solutions on products having Fixed Capacity, Perishable Inventory